About Us

Erik Richer La Flèche is a project finance and M&A lawyer based in Montréal. Erik has been practicing since 1979 and has led transactions in more than 35 countries. Notable transactions include the Chad-Cameroon pipeline, Great Lakes Hydro Income Fund (Canada’s first business income trust), Quebec’s first PPP and Ontario’s first highway PPP.

Roger Forget is a paralegal practicing since 1989. He has worked extensively in real estate, natural resources, electricity and related infrastructure in Quebec.

About Future Imperfect

The idea for this blog started because we are often asked to explain Quebec to non-Quebec clients. At the same time, a lot of nonsense is written about Quebec.

Future Imperfect is an attempt to provide greater balance and perspective. It is primarily focused at this time on natural resources, electricity and related infrastructure because these sectors continue to be of keen interest to many foreign investors.

This blog combines two main forms of content. Firstly, we maintain several topic pages (Electricity in Quebec, Mining in Quebec etc.) that offer our curation of the most noteworthy and interesting developments in these areas. These pages are powered by Spundge notebooks.

Secondly, we write posts that examine current issues, trends and developments of note in natural resources, electricity and related areas.

We strive to avoid legalese, and to be succinct and engaging. We will let you be the judge as to how well we are doing.

We hope that you find Future Imperfect useful and engaging, and look forward to your comments.

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